Fireforce678, Currently known as Firee M or Fire from his friends, is a pay to play runescape player who started in 2001 and is still an active player.

Fireforce678 is described as a loyal player and a good member of the runescape community, Hard working and a fun player to be around He befriends everyone who is nice and you can qucikly become ranked in his clan.

fireforce678 : the start and the rise to a better RunescapeEdit

Fireforce678 started in january 2001 and quickly became a day to day player enjoying the game. He became attached to the skill woodcutting gaing levels easily and became a regular log seller on every world. Fire had leveled up rapidly in only the first month of play, but the game became boring. He then quit in 2001 after a few months of playing and achieving his goal of level 60 woodcutting but fell behind on other skills such as defence, firemaking and magic. He reaturned in march 2003 this time rearing to go and got 70 woodcutting in a matter of days. This time moving on to combat, he got defence, attack and strength to 40 within a few days and eventually started to progress on harder skills such as crafting and smithing. But once again he found him self again bored

In the summer of 2001 Fireforce678 was hacked and lost many items and coins, this made him want to become a member and actually take the game seriously. Fireforce678 became a member in early 2002 and worked on the skill construction but ended up doing his now favourite skill fletching which is currently level 99. When asked Fireforce678 says his favourite skill is fletching due to its desirable Completion cape and a natural habit of being a top-notch fletcher. Fireforce678 continued to play through 2003 and 2004.

Fire with 99 Fletching.

In 2005 and 2006 fireforce678 remained fairly quiet, not atending runescape clan events or house partys, he even remained in almost no contact with many runescape players and was thought to of quit or been hacked. He became active again when he held a house party for all his friends and invited other players to join in. he had this party to show that he was still playing and was back to his old self again. After the house party's he went to varrok on world 7 to give free money to anyone who was in his clan, he did this for days just to show support to other Runescape players and show that this game is a multiplayer game and that the community should commute more.

In 2007 there is no information on what fireforce678 has been doing, his friend deshkraath16 left the game.

In 2011 there was plenty of updates making the game servers much better and creating a lot more things to do in game. The updates included the grand exchange and trade limits within Runescape. The largest and newest update was Evolution of Combat.

When asked "Do you still play runescape and why not so much?" He replied " I play Runescape but not as much as the olden days. but before i leave the game in a couple of years i will do something that will go down in jagex history, a massive clan event for thousands of players".


Fireforce was asked what does he want in the future he replied "I will try my very best to go for max cape, it will take a lot of effort but i think it's possible, but hey, we will see what the future holds", He currently has 8 Skills to the max level of 99.

Fireforce is currently a deputy owner of the clan "Fairly Wrecked" and his home world is world 23. 18:22, April 27, 2011 (UTC)

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